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Conference themeEnhancing environmental research and education in developing countries  

Environmental pollution has become a global issue for the past few decades. Most of it is caused by industrial development and human activities. The recent rapid economic and industrial developments in Asian countries (e.g., China, Vietnam, etc.) have resulted in increased pressures on the environment. Urban development has also resulted in changes in land use that directly affects water resources and ecosystems.  Surface water in some Asian countries has been contaminated with both organic and inorganic substances. In big cities and industrial areas, air is polluted with chemicals emitted from industrial facilities. This directly affects public health. 





A lack of public awareness and ineffective environmental regulation has resulted in environmental problems for some Asian countries. The pace of development of environmental science programs in developing countries has also resulted in a gap in knowledge and regulation between developed and developing countries. As environmental problems, especially in some Asian countries, continue to rise, the need for global education and proper management of environmental resources becomes imperative. 

The first international Conference on Environmental Pollution, Restoration and Management was organized in Ho Chi Minh City, March 1-5, 2010. This conference was a major milestone and extremely successful with an attendance of more than 250 people from academia, industry and government institutions in 54 different countries. This was the largest international meeting for environmental science ever held in Viet Nam. The conference consisted of six short courses and sixteen parallel sessions. There were more than 200 presentations that covered different areas of environmental science, including general environmental pollution, toxicology, public health, risk assessment, remediation, technology, management and policy, environmental economics, etc. Twenty papers out of the 200 presentations were chosen for a conference proceedings and have been accepted for publication in American Journal of Environmental Science. The conference also initiated future education and research collaborations between students and scientists around the world. Prof. Stephen Klaine at Clemson University is collaborating with Hanoi University of Science and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam on a Dual MS Program in Environmental Toxicology between the two universities.

Based on suggestions of the conference participants, the goal of the second meeting is to bring advanced environmental science to developing countries and strengthen collaborations between scientists from developed and developing countries through enhancing the quality of environmental research and management, exchanging experiences, and discussing environmental issues.
Preceding the conference will be a two-day training workshop on "Biotic Ligand Model (BLM) and application for Environmental Quality Guidelines for metals" (March 4-5). This workshop is designed to train and educate environmental regulators and scientists from developing countries on how to use the BLM to evaluate the toxic effects of divalent metals to aquatic organisms and to use the BLM for environmental quality guidelines for metals. Workshop trainers will be experts from developed countries. 

We will also offer many different short courses in Environmental Science, Chemistry and Toxicology. 
The short courses will be taught concurrently with the workshop (March 4-5). More details for the workshop and short courses will be coming soon. 

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